Take a Look Back #49- Piggy Bank Money Activity, Geo-Board Literacy, Roll and Stack Sight Word Center, and more!

While being on summer break, I am posting pictures from our classroom from this past year. It's been nice to look back on some of the activities we did, and to start thinking of new ideas for next year! My Piggy Bank This activity was so fun to do with the money stamps (from Scholar's… Continue reading Take a Look Back #49- Piggy Bank Money Activity, Geo-Board Literacy, Roll and Stack Sight Word Center, and more!


Get Centers Ready for Back to School!

Are you thinking about some new centers for back to school? Here are a few ideas to get the school year started! Memory Books and Journals The beginning of the year is the perfect time to start your Memory Journals or Books. Students make one page a month, and at the end of the school… Continue reading Get Centers Ready for Back to School!

Welcome to Kindergarten

This past week was our Welcome to Kindergarten night. We invite students that will be starting school in September to come into our kindergarten classrooms. We have centers set-up and they can explore the different classrooms. We were assigned loose parts this year and we incorporated a mix of math, literacy and art into our… Continue reading Welcome to Kindergarten

Kindergarten Line of Symmetry Activities

Over the past two weeks we have been investigating lines of symmetry in our classroom. We looked at where we saw them in nature (bugs, butterflies, leaves), where we saw lines of symmetry in our classroom (letters, numbers) and we made our own symmetrical images. Here are a few activities that you can try in… Continue reading Kindergarten Line of Symmetry Activities

Flower Shop Dramatic Play

Our classroom was transformed into a flower shop a few weeks ago. Our students were having so much fun setting up their store, making signs, writing lists, making money to use in the store, so we extended our leaning outside of the dramatic play center and brought it into other areas of the classroom. This… Continue reading Flower Shop Dramatic Play

Cloud Activities in Kindergarten

The students in our class were showing an interest a couple of weeks ago in the weather and the clouds that they saw outside. So we decided to start a unit on clouds and see how interested they were in looking at different kinds of weather. Apparently not very interested because we have decided to… Continue reading Cloud Activities in Kindergarten

Three Activities to do with Alphabet Dice

I was really excited when I saw these 30 sided Alphabet Dice. I was trying to think of different ways to use these dice in our literacy centers and use them in fun, interactive games. Use with whiteboards- students can practice writing the uppercase and lowercase letters, making word lists, anything they can think of!… Continue reading Three Activities to do with Alphabet Dice