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How to Easily Create an Invitation to Learning

Setting up an invitation for learning is a way that educators can engage students in learning and inquiry. It is planned with materials and questions that will prompt students to investigate and explore. Provocations are the perfect opportunity for educators to document and extend the learning that their students are doing. Setting up an invitation …

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Take a Look Back #49- Piggy Bank Money Activity, Geo-Board Literacy, Roll and Stack Sight Word Center, and more!

While being on summer break, I am posting pictures from our classroom from this past year. It’s been nice to look back on some of the activities we did, and to start thinking of new ideas for next year! My Piggy Bank This activity was so fun to do with the money stamps (from Scholar’s …

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Kindergarten Line of Symmetry Activities

Symmetry Activity: Kindergarten line of symmetry activity ideas with hands-on and engaging centers. Find inspiration to practice symmetry with your students. Over the past two weeks we have been investigating lines of symmetry in my classroom. My students and I looked at where we saw them in nature (bugs, butterflies, leaves), where we saw lines …

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