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Set Up a Reindeer Provocation In Your Kindergarten Classroom

Reindeer provocation for science learning in kindergarten. Table set up with a reindeer figurine, labelling poster and information cards about reindeer.

Set up a reindeer provocation for your students to explore and learn about this animal. A great way to spark questions and wonders to begin your inquiry.

Inquiry in Kindergarten

I love finding ways to spark wonderings and inquiries with my students. One of the ways that I try to get my students interested in a topic is by setting up a provocation. I’ve done this with a variety of science subjects, and my students always love them:

Reindeer Provocation set-up

I set up a provocation for my students using this labelling poster and cards. So my students could explore and learn more about reindeer using them. There were also some figurines that students could look at and draw.

I put out some paper and pencil crayons that my students could draw their observations. I was really impressed with what they were able to draw! You can find these cards here:

Live Feed

I was also able to play a live feed on YouTube of a reindeer enclosure that my students were able to watch. They loved seeing the reindeer walking around!

Books about Reindeer

We used some non-fiction texts to learn about reindeer on Epic. Find some of the books here.

Reindeer directed drawing

My students completed a reindeer directed drawing as a whole group. I love how they turned out, and they had so much fun learning how to draw a reindeer!

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