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Space Inquiry Center

Set up a Space Inquiry Center for your students to explore the galaxy and solar system. They will love exploring the planets and stars!

One of the students in our classroom was very interested in space, the sun, the moon and learning facts about the planets. I created a small inquiry center about space so he could continue to learn and explore. A number of students have grown very interested in that center, and we are learning so much.

Space Inquiry Center

20160503_091057.jpgAt this space inquiry center, I set up a few materials that students could explore and learn from:

  • some constellation cards (from here),
  • Pictures of each of the planets (a student was quick to point out that they weren’t to scale!),
  • A magnetic solar system with all the plants,
  • Books about space,
  • Clipboards and paper.

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We also made some moon rocks (not pictured); see how I made there here.

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