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Mother’s Day Activities For Kindergarten

5 Mother’s Day activities that you can use at home or at school. These easy to do challenges cover math, literacy, STEM and art. To celebrate Mother’s Day during distance learning, I have put together a list of activities that children can do at home to celebrate their moms. Mother’s Day Activities     Read …

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Co-Teaching in Kindergarten: 4 Simple Strategies To Make It Work

Co-Teaching: Teaching partnerships need to be cohesive in order to function and be successful in the classroom. Get my tips and advice to make co-teaching work. In a Full Day Kindergarten classroom there is an Early Childhood Educator and Teacher working together. This teaching partnership can put two people together that have never even met …

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Teach kindergarten addition and subtraction skills with this FREE template. A fun and engaging math center to reinforce adding and subtracting.

Kindergarten Addition and Subtraction Stories

Kindergarten Addition and Subtraction: Engage students when teaching addition and subtraction skills with this FREE template. Students make their own stories to show their understanding of these math concepts. I know my kindergarten students need to be engaged in order to learn about a new math concept. Are your students the same? In my experience, …

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Valentine's Day Activities for kindergarten . Find center ideas for math and literacy skills for your classroom. Fun and engaging, easy to prep holiday activities.

Valentine’s Day Activities for Kindergarten

Valentine’s Day Activities: Find Valentine’s Day activity ideas to try with your kindergarten students. Hands-on centers, printables and FREEBIEs to make your day fun and engaging. I love celebrating fun and special days with my kindergarten students. These Valentine’s Day activities have been a hit with my students, and they reinforce some important skills. Here …

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Cookie Cutter Fine Motor Activities

Fine motor activities: Work on fine motor skills with these fun and engaging cookie cutter activities. Find ideas for different materials that can be used in your kindergarten classroom. Have you heard me talk enough about fine motor skills? Fine motor activities were a focus of a previous blog post (that you can find here) …

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