Kindergarten Building Center

We changed up our building center this year so that students have a bit more room to build, and they have space to leave their works in progress up. They have been loving this new space, and it's been so great to see them creating and enjoying the space. Here is a quick tour of… Continue reading Kindergarten Building Center


Our Kindergarten Writing Center

We re-vamped our writing center this year to try something new, and I am so excited about how it came together. I really wanted to have an interactive word wall, and have all the writing tools accessible to our students. This is how it looks so far this year, it might change as the needs… Continue reading Our Kindergarten Writing Center

Homework in Kindergarten?

Giving homework in kindergarten can be hard. You need parental involvement, and it can be hard for some families to find time to complete it. One of my co-workers wanted a monthly calendar that students could complete with their families. I created these editable monthly homework challenges so that families can complete the activities on… Continue reading Homework in Kindergarten?

Take a Look Back #48- dinosaur sensory bin, teen number stacking game, and more!

Going into my second full week off of school and I am enjoying this time to relax! I thought I could share with you a few more pictures from our last week of school: Teen Number Stack 'Em Our students needed a challenge in the last weeks of school, and these teen number subitizing mats… Continue reading Take a Look Back #48- dinosaur sensory bin, teen number stacking game, and more!