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Best Learning Materials for Kindergarten That Your Classroom Needs

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When setting up a new classroom, it can be challenging to know what you actually need in terms of learning materials for kindergarten. There is just so much out there! So when thinking about adding something to my classroom, I want to be thoughtful and purposeful with what I pick.

Here are some things I have considered when looking for learning materials for kindergarten classrooms.

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Not Just Toys

We don’t want to fill our classrooms with just toys. Instead, as educators, we want to thoughtfully pick out materials to challenge and extend the students’ learning in our classrooms.

We might need items for fine motor skill practice, dramatic play, building centers, or other classroom areas. So when looking at these areas, I try to find items that will best suit the needs of my students, not just a toy they can play with. We have only limited (or no funds) when buying items for our classrooms, so I want to be extremely purposeful when I add something to the space.


Hand holding the book The Name Jar and the book I Got the School Spirit in the background.

When selecting the materials you will include in your classroom space, we want to ensure that they represent diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Like when selecting books and texts to include in your classroom, you want to use critical thinking about the materials you bring into the room.

  • Do they represent windows, mirrors and sliding glass doors?
  • Who is or is not represented in the materials?
  • Are they Own Voice stories? Who are the authors?
  • Are all students able to access and use the materials?

Learning Materials for Kindergarten

When choosing new learning materials for kindergarten classrooms, I try to pick ones that will be open-ended and allow for multiple entry points. I don’t want single-use items that can only be used a certain way. Here is a (very) non-exhaustive list of materials that I have used and loved (I’ve included links to provide examples):

What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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