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A Look Inside My Dramatic Play Center

A hand with an animal finger puppet on each finger (bear, frog, cow, duck, mouse). Text: A Look Inside My Dramatic Play Center

Have a look at my classroom’s dramatic play center and get ideas on how you can incorporate dramatic play into your day.

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Dramatic Play in Kindergarten

A doll wrapped in a purple scarf.

Providing students with the opportunity to engage in dramatic play is essential for their social-emotional development. In addition, they build their language, social and cognitive skills by engaging in play with their peers.

Dramatic play can be different for each classroom. For example, my room came with a wood fridge, sink and oven. Students can still engage in dramatic play if you do not have these items. Giving them an alternate space and materials can work just as well!

This can come in the form of a dollhouse, puppets or tabletop dramatic play! As kindergarten educators, we need to be innovative and creative when coming up with solutions that work for our classroom.

Dramatic Play During the Day

My students engage in free choice centers throughout the day. This means that they can choose where they play and learn, and how long they stay there. The dramatic play center is one of the choices that they can pick from (along with sensory bin, tabletop centers, building center, art, etc.)


Along with the furniture that was in our classroom, I have added other items to the dramatic play center:

2 play mirrors stacked next to each other.
A bin filled with different coloured scarves to be used in the dramatic play center.
The book Not Quite Snow White on a stand in the dramatic play center.

What materials do you have in your dramatic play center? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Rina Adda says:

    I have dolls, kitchen utensils, plates, bowels and fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs all are toys, a phone a calendar with table and 3 chairs

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