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Throw an Alphabet Party!

My students recently finished learning the alphabet! We used a phonics routine to learn each letter and the sound it spells. They were so proud of themselves (and so was I), so we had a party to celebrate! I asked them what they wanted to do, and we tried checking everything off their left. You …

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3-Day Kindergarten Read-Alouds

When considering my structured literacy program, I want to ensure that I provide my students with all the skills they need to become readers. In kindergarten, read-alouds are an essential way to build comprehension and vocabulary skills. I have been using a 3-day interactive read-aloud plan, and it has been great for helping me plan …

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A Focus on Vowel Sounds

A solid understanding of short and long vowel sounds is important in building students’ reading and writing skills. Teaching Phonics Skills Kindergarten students need explicit and systematic instruction in phonics skills. It is one of the fundamental skills students need to be successful readers and writers. As I continue to teach my students letter sounds, …

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