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A Focus on Vowel Sounds

A solid understanding of short and long vowel sounds is important in building students’ reading and writing skills. Teaching Phonics Skills Kindergarten students need explicit and systematic instruction in phonics skills. It is one of the fundamental skills students need to be successful readers and writers. As I continue to teach my students letter sounds, …

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Easy No-Prep Sight Word Books

Students can create their own no-prep sight word books to reinforce reading and writing the words they are learning. Teaching Sight Words This past year, I learned about the Heart Word method for teaching sight words. For students to automatically start reading them, I explicitly teach my students how to read them. This way, they …

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Games and Activities for Kindergarten Phonics Practice

Try these fun games and activities for kindergarten phonics practice and reinforce letter-sound knowledge. Importance of Phonics Learning to connect the written symbol (the letter) to its sound is one of the foundational skills that students need to become readers and writers. Phonics needs to be explicitly taught and practiced with students. I use a …

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