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Instagram Posts of the Week #64- Winter Soup Sensory Bin, Beginning Sound Activity, Snowflake Fine Motor and More!

This past week was a hard one- we had 2 snow storms, freezing rain, extremely cold weather (-40 degrees Celsius), but we never had a snow day. It was tough to get through the school day when it starts with an extremely stressful drive. I’m glad it’s over, but winter is not even close to …

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CVC Word Practice- Type them!

I am always looking for ways to have our students practice sounding out and writing words. It is such a jump from learning letter sounds, to applying that knowledge when writing new words. CVC words are a great place to start since they are simple and it is easy to hear each sound. To get …

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Take a Look Back #57- Beebot, Letter Construction, Easy Sensory Bin, and more!

There are 4 weeks until Christmas (can you believe it? I can’t!), so we have started planning and gearing up for all the holiday celebrations and fun. Are you doing anything special with you class?  Let me know in the comments below! Here is what we were up to this past week: Shredded Paper Sensory …

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