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Throw an Alphabet Party!

My students recently finished learning the alphabet! We used a phonics routine to learn each letter and the sound it spells. They were so proud of themselves (and so was I), so we had a party to celebrate! I asked them what they wanted to do, and we tried checking everything off their left.

You can listen to me talk about our party on the Creative Kindergarten podcast or read on to find out what we did to celebrate their achievement.

Alphabet Art

We used alphabet sandbox toys to stamp the letters of the alphabet. They made an absolute mess at this center, but they had so much fun creating their own alphabet art.

Alphabet Collage

Students cut letters from old flyers and glued them to a large piece of craft butcher paper. Then, they worked together to create their own alphabet collage.

Alphabet Loose Parts

I set out a collection of loose parts with our mirror letters. After that, students could create and build with the different materials any way they wanted!

Alphabet Party Cookies

My teaching partner pre-made sugar cookie dough. Students rolled out their own pieces of dough, picked a letter cookie cutter and then decorated their cookies after they were baked. They were delicious and the perfect way to end our day together.

Alphabet Book

Each student got their own page of the alphabet book. They drew something that began with that letter, then after we were done, I bound the pages together to make a class book for our classroom.

A copy of the Alphabet Book is available as a free download in my Resource Library!

Have you ever hosted an alphabet party? What did you do? Let me know in the comments!

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