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New Instagram Adventure

I’ve started a new Instagram account to document my daily teaching life and some of my products from Teachers pay Teachers. I want it to reflect my life as a teacher and some of the ‘behind the scenes’ action of our classroom. If you are interested in getting some new ideas for your own class, …

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Making Math Fun in Kindergarten

When teaching new math concepts, or reinforcing learning that has already happened, kindergarten students learn when they are having fun. I made these two new centers with that in mind, to make sure that our students would not only be learning, but will also be having fun while doing these centers. The first is using …

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100th Day of School

Can you believe it’s almost time for the 100th day of school? Sometimes the year seems to be dragging on, then all of a sudden we are at 100 days… We have a lot going on in our room over the next week, we are hosting a Healthy Eating Celebration (our class has chosen a …

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