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Instagram Highlights


I have continued to upload some great snapshots of what is happening in our classroom to Instagram. I am enjoying this time of the year when students are a lot more independent and are doing some awesome things in our classroom. They continue to blow me away with their creativity and showing us all they have learned. Here are just a few pics, but make sure you follow me so you can see all of the other great things that are happening in our kindergarten room.


Bunny directed drawing we did for Easter. Make your own bunnies using First and Kinder Blue Skies’ download! 20170418_085734

I was so excited to get my new activity pack “Word Family Spin!” printed out and ready for our kinders to use. We have been working on word families lately and this pack works on real and nonsense words using word families. It contains 22 word families and the pack comes with the color and the black & white versions. I like printing out the B&W version on bright paper, I find it makes the activity pop! You can get your own copy of this pack from my TpT store!


This is the work of one of our Senior Kindergarten students who loves to work on sight words and enjoys making lists using different materials. My teaching partner picked up these wood letters from the dollar store and they have been a hit!


Hop and Buzz Along the Number Line is one of my math packs that works on adding and subtracting using a number line. For Easter we added the bunnies that students could use when they were hopping on the number line! Available in my TpT store.

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