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New Classroom Manipulative!

Rings and Sticks

I purchased a new manipulative for our classroom and I am loving its versatility. We have been using this for math and literacy and students have been so creative with how to use them.


The Rings and Sticks set form Hape comes with its own images that students can use as a template, but we have just been letting the kids use them any way that they want and to come up with their own way to use the pieces.


They have made letters, sight words, numbers and number bonds. I love watching what they can come up with and seeing them explore with new materials.


What are some great manipulatives that you have added to your classroom that have sparked the creativity of your students?


  1. Oooooooo, I *love* learning about new math manipulatives. These look like super fun. In fact, while I was reading your blog, my three children all came running over to see what those beautiful colorful photos were all about. And when I explained, my oldest said, “I think we need some of those!” Haha! Thank you for sharing.

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