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Three Activities to do with Alphabet Dice

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I was really excited when I saw these 30 sided Alphabet Dice. I was trying to think of different ways to use these dice in our literacy centers and use them in fun, interactive games.


  1. Use with whiteboards- students can practice writing the uppercase and lowercase letters, making word lists, anything they can think of!


2. Use with the Rings and Sticks- I wrote about this manipulative a few weeks ago and I love its versatility. Put these two together and you’ve got a great new literacy center that is fun and engaging for students.


3. Use with geoboards and elastics- works on their fine motor skills and their letter formation. Win-Win!


I am excited to have these as part of our classroom. They will be great for start of the year activities and I am going to continue to find more ways to use them! How would you use them?

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