Alphabet Books for Kindergarten

alphabet books for kindergarten

At the beginning of the school year, I love to have a variety of alphabet books available to our kindergarten students. I read these books, put them out at tables during centers, and have them around the classroom for students to read.

I’m going to go through a few of my favourites, and hopefully you will get some new books to add to your own classroom library.

Alphabet Under Construction

alphabet books for kindergarten

This book goes through each letter of the alphabet, and for each one the mouse decorates it to match the letter. I love the illustrations in this book, and how bright and bold they are. I love this book for loose parts centers, you can see a set up in this blog post.

Letter Town

alphabet books for kindergarten

Another beautifully illustrated book, with a quest added in. On each page, the illustrator has done a great job at drawing things that begin with the letter of that page. Travel through the town and find all the images that begin with each letter! We used this book with our letter block, you can see it in this blog post.

The Wildlife ABC

alphabet books for kindergarten

This beautiful book highlights Canadian animals from A-Z. There are some in here that I have never even heard of! A perfect introduction to the alphabet, and a great way to explore some new wildlife!


alphabet books for kindergarten

This is a teacher favourite! Each page has a highlights a different letter that the peas are interacting with. Their actions match the letter that they are working on, it is such a fun way to learn the alphabet!

ABC Mindful Me

alphabet books for kindergarten

I read this book at the end of the day when we needed a little relaxation time. We did the actions, and our students closed their eyes as I read. This was a beautiful book to work on mindfulness and illustrating what that means to students.

Walk and See ABC

alphabet books for kindergarten

This book is great to have out with loose parts. Students can even bring this outside and find items in nature to match the pages of this book. You can see how we used this book with a Geo-Board center in this blog post.

Do you have any other favorite alphabet books? I’m always looking for more to add to my library! Let me know in the comments. In my next blog post, I’ll be going over some number books that I love.

Do you need some Alphabet activities for the start of the school year? These hands-on centers were a hit with our students last year, and are perfect to go along with any of these books!

Alphabet Literacy Centers


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