Instagram Posts of The Weel #47- labeling center, ice cream sight words, geo-board animals, and letter blocks!

Ice cream sight word activity, letter blocks, geo-board animals and labeling an animal activity kindergarten center.

It’s been a few weeks since I have posted something here, but I think I can get back to my regular posting schedule now! The end of the school year really kicked my butt, and I had no energy to keep up with anything else. With our end of the year celebration, a field trip, and cleaning up the classroom, I just had no time for the blogging part of my life. So here are a few pictures from the past few weeks, and I will have to do a second one of these because I have so many things to share with you!

Also, stay tuned to the blog and make sure you are following me because I will be posting a classroom tour to give you a glimpse into our room. I also have a post in the making about my professional portfolio and what I included for a recent interview.

Now moving on to the pictures:

Draw it, Label it:

Pick an animal, draw it, label it literacy activity for kindergarten centers. A fun writing activity that is easy to prep and works on labeling, writing and drawing skills.

This was a super simple activity to set up for our students. I put a bunch of animal figures into a bowl, and students had to pick one out. Once they found an animal they liked, they drew it and labelled it.

Pick an animal, draw it, label it literacy activity for kindergarten centers. A fun writing activity that is easy to prep and works on labeling, writing and drawing skills.

I love that this center worked on so many different skills at once: labeling, writing and drawing. Our students really enjoyed this activity, and they requested to be able to do it again!

Ice Cream Sight Words

Sight Word Ice Cream literacy activity for kindergarten centers. A fun way to practice sight word recognition and formation.

Our last week of school was a hot one, so we had a lot of ice cream centers out to give the illusion of staying cool. One that was a big hit with our students was this build an ice cream cone activity. They had a great time mixing the flavours to create their own versions. They then had to write the sight words they used, so it was perfect for getting some last minute sight word practice in before summer began!

This is available in my store, you can buy it on its own or it comes in a bundle with activities for the whole year!

Sight Word Ice Cream- square previewΒ  Β  Β Square Preview

Geo-Board Animals

Making animals with Geo-Boards provocation. Students have to make various animals using the geo-boards.

Our geo-board structures center was such a hit, that we decided to challenge our students to create animals on them too. I love how our students had to think of the different shapes they saw in the animals to try and re-create them. There were some amazing animals made, including a really awesome polar bear!

Alphabet Building Blocks

alphabet building blocks provocation. Literacy center to build words, work on sight words or letter recognition

I ordered these letter blocks from Scholastic for next year, but I was so excited to use them that we put them out for the last week of school. Our students had a great time building different words and sight words using them. They are going to be great for the beginning of the year, and they will be a perfect addition to our play dough center too. I was also able to get a set of number blocks too!

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