Instagram Posts of the Week #32- construction play dough, construction worker loose parts, sight word lucky clover literacy activity and more!

Ideas for math and literacy centers for your kindergarten classroom. Work on sight words, letters, fine motor skills and number sense with these fun centers.

This past week we have been learning about community helpers, and our students were very excited with anything to do with construction workers. We also started with some Saint-Patrick’s Day activities. Here is a look back on some of the things we did:

What Can You Build? Literacy center with loose parts. Great kindergarten activity for construction workers or community helpers theme.

What Can You Build? Literacy Center

We wanted to get our students interested in building letters and sight words, so we put together this loose parts center with a construction twist. We added construction vehicles and books about construction to make it appealing to them. They loved scooping and dumping the materials, and building with them.

Play dough construction. Fine motor station for construction worker or community helper theme in kindergarten.

Construction Play Dough

This play dough center was a huge hit in our classroom. Students used the tools and props to build with it. I made the play dough by adding used coffee grinds to the regular play dough that I make. I made the road signs by printing them off from images I found on the web, cutting them out, hot gluing skewers to the inside and gluing the two sides together. This play dough center was some great fine motor practice and was a hit for the whole week.

Spin and Build math game for one-to-one correspondence and number sense. Great kindergarten math center.

Spin and Build

Our students are always working on number sense, and some of them are still having a lot of trouble with tally marks. This activity is great at reinforcing one-to-one correspondence and number sense. The spinners are also available with numbers and ten frames so you can work on different concepts depending on what you need:

spinner math games

Sight word lucky clover literacy center for kindergarten. Practice sight word recognition and spelling with this fun activity.

Sight Word Lucky Clover

This sight word activity was a big hit with our students. They loved using the sight word petals to make their own clovers, then they wrote which words that they used. We have done a few of these building with sight words center (Pizza, Christmas Tree, Jack-o-Lantern, Building Blocks, Snowman, Turkey), so they are getting really good at using this center without much guidance. You can get this center on its own or in the bundle:

Square Preview     Sight Word Lucky Clover Square Preview

We have one more week of school until March break and I know I am looking forward to it! Make sure you are following me here and on Instagram to get daily inspiration for the classroom!

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