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Instagram Posts of the Week #31- Family pictures craft, Sight Word Pizza, Alphabet literacy center, making 10 with paper chains freebie

Family portraits craft, pizza sight words, alphabet literacy center and making ten paper chains freebie

This week was a short one- Monday was a holiday! So I am feeling refreshed and loving the 4 day work week!

Family Day frames made by our kindergarten students. Great for celebrating their families and a cute craft to take home.

Family Frames

These cute house frames were made for our families for Family Day. I pre-made the popsicle stick houses by hot gluing them together. Each student painted their house, then drew a picture of their families on a square piece of paper that I had pre-cut (I wanted to make sure they fit in the frames). Then I hot glued their picture and family name to the houses to complete them. I also included a tag saying ‘Happy Family Day 2018’ on them, but forgot to take a picture of the final product. Our students loved making these, and they were so excited to see the final product!

Sight word pizza literacy activity. Great for kindergarten literacy centers to practice sight word recognition and spelling.

Sight Word Pizza

This literacy center was a big hit with our students. They loved creating their own pizzas, then writing the sight words they used! They had to pick a crust, sauce, cheese and toppings to make their unique pizza. Once they had put it together, they wrote the sight words that they used. They re-made their pizzas several times, and they came back to it again and again. I love it when our students enjoy a center, and want to do it over and over again! If you want to use this activity in your classroom, it’s available in my store:

Square Preview     Sight Word Pizza Square Preview

simple literacy center to practice uppercase and lowercase letters. great for reinforcing letter formation in kindergarten.

Letter Formation Literacy Center

This simple literacy invitation was another big hit in our classroom. Students were excited to math the uppercase and lowercase letters, then record the sight words they used. This was great for reinforcing letter recognition and formation. You can use any letter manipulatives you have, but these are called Alpha Pops and they can be found at: Amazon, Wal-Mart, Scholar’s Choice or Scholastic. Shop around for the best deal on them in your country!

Making 10 with paper chains. Fine motor and math activity for kindergarten students to compose and decompose ten.

Paper Chains- Making 10

We have been working on the different ways that we can compose numbers, and my teaching partner found this awesome book in our literacy room. In it, it shows the different ways that you can make 10 using two color paper chains. We challenged our students to make their own paper chains and record what they made.

Making 10 math activity for kindergarten. Composing and decomposing numbers to 10.

We displayed some of their chains in the hallway and they look so great hanging on the wall!

If you would like to do this activity with your class, you can download the recording sheet here:


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