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Boom Cards in the Classroom! Technology in Kindergarten

blog post explaining how to use Boom Cards in a kindergarten classroom. Great for integrating technology into you math and literacy centers.

Last week my friend Jenn wrote an awesome post about Mystery Skype in Kindergarten, and it’s such a great way to incorporate more technology into the classroom. She has also turned me on to using Boom Cards with our kindergarten students. If you don’t know what Boom Cards are, keep reading! They are such an easy way to work on skills in your classroom without much prep.


What are Boom Cards?

They are digital task cards that you can use on tablets or computers. There is nothing to print out. You just pick your deck, and you are ready to go. Students get the deck (there are 2 different ways to do this- I will explain more in a moment) and they go through an easy to navigate set of cards to work on the selected skill. They are self-correcting, so students know right away if they got the question right or wrong.

How to use Boom Cards:

There are two different ways that you can use them:

3D Shapes review BOOM cards can be used with iPads and tablets for no-prep, paperless, and self-correcting activity!

  1. Use the FastPlay option: pick a deck you would like to use, then get the Fast Pin for it (see picture below). Display the pin so that students can use it (I put it on a mini whiteboard, but you could use anything). All they have to do is type it in and it will bring them directly to the deck so they can get started. I used this option the first time I used Boom Cards in our classroom. I wanted to see if our students liked using the app before I tried the next option.


2. Make a classroom: if you want your students to have access to multiple decks, and you want to track their progress and results, then you should make a classroom. Every student will get their own username and password (you can customize these to make it easy for your students), then they will have a list of decks they can play that you have assigned to them. After using Boom Cards for one day, I made a classroom because my students loved it so much.


Make your own:

You can make your own decks, or you can purchase pre-made decks from the store. Boom Cards have some great tutorials to get you creating, and there are lots of free decks too.

using boom cards in kindergarten to work on 3D shapes. Great way to integrate technology into your math centers.

Boom Cards has been a great addition to our kindergarten centers. We have been able to work on different skills using them, and our students love choosing their decks. If you want to try it out, I have a free deck available:

Beginning Sounds TpT

I also added two other decks to my store and will be adding more (make sure you are following my store on Teachers pay Teachers to get notified when I add more items to my store):

1     3D Shape Review square thumbnail

Have you used Boom Cards in your classroom? Are there other apps that I should be incorporating into our math and literacy centers? Let me know in the comments!

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