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Instagram Posts of the Week #30- BOOM Cards, Sight Word Center, Valentine’s Day and More!

Take a look at some BOOM Cards for 3D Shape Review, sight word literacy center for kindergarten, Design a Monster writing prompt and How Many Candy Hearts Can you Stack STEM Challenge for Valentine's Day

What a bananas week this has been. We ended off last week on the 100th day of school, there was Valentine’s Day this week, and Chinese New Year, and we had our Elective Day today (students picked a fun activity to do inside or outside the school). It was exhausting but so fun, we had some fun centers and activities and I am excited for a 3 day weekend.

3D Shapes review BOOM cards can be used with iPads and tablets for no-prep, paperless, and self-correcting activity!

BOOM Cards

We were trying to come up with new activities for our students to do with our iPads. I came up with the idea of doing some 3D shapes review with them. There are 26 cards that ask students to identify shapes, and how many vertices, edges and faces they have. The cards them if they are right or wrong right away so students can correct their misconceptions. We started off by just using the FastPass code, there was no logging in but we couldn’t monitor results. Our class liked the BOOM cards so much that I decided to make a classroom and now every student has their own login and password. This way we can see what they have done, and get their results. If you would like to use these cards, you can get them in my store:

3D Shape Review square thumbnail

Easy, no prep sight word center for kindergarten students. Write sight word in chalk, then use a paintbrush dipped in water to paint over it.

Write and Erase

This sight word center was another hit with our students. They loved using the chalk to write sight words, then used the paintbrush that was dipped in water to paint over the word. I love this new way of working on sight word spelling!

How Many Can You Stack? STEM challenge. Students were challenged to stack as many candy hearts that they could. Free recording sheet!

How Many Can you Stack?

Students were challenged to stack as many candy hearts that they could. They filled out a recording sheet with their estimate of how many they thought they could do, how many they actually did and to draw their results. I loved watching our students trying to figure out how to get more heart to stack without falling over. Great for problem-solving skills and was a lot of fun too. If you would like this recording sheet (doesn’t have to even be for this activity- it can be used for any stacking challenge), you can download it here:


Design a Monster writing prompt for kindergarten. Great literacy center idea or for writer's workshop to practice describing.

Describe the Monster

This writing activity was great for reinforcing labelling and describing when our students were writing. They had to draw a monster, then describe their monster and try to label it. Our students got really creative with their writing and they did a great job coming up with their own unique monsters. One of our students asked if we could turn our writing into a book, and of course I couldn’t say no! If you would like to use this writing prompt, it can be found in this activity pack:

Valentine Monster Literacy square preview

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