Take a Look Back #49- Piggy Bank Money Activity, Geo-Board Literacy, Roll and Stack Sight Word Center, and more!

Geo-Board literacy center, piggy bank money activity, salt tray sight words and roll and stack sight word center. Activity ideas for kindergarten literacy and math centers.

While being on summer break, I am posting pictures from our classroom from this past year. It’s been nice to look back on some of the activities we did, and to start thinking of new ideas for next year!

My Piggy Bank

My Piggy Bank money activity for kindergarten. Coin recognition math center.

This activity was so fun to do with the money stamps (from Scholar’s Choice). Students can use the stamps to fill their piggy bank and then count the coins they used. This activity is part of my Easy Print and Prep pack:


Geo-Board Letters

Geo-board literacy center for kindergarten. Practice letter formation and fine motor skills.

Our students love using geo-boards, and these task cards were the perfect way to integrate literacy into the activity. You can find them from Play to Learn Preschool.

Roll and Stack Sight Words

Roll, Stack and Repeat sight word literacy center. Practice sight word recognition with this fun, play-based center.

Another fun, play-based sight word center that can be used throughout the whole school year! Students have to roll the die, then stack the sight word cups, then repeat! Our students kept rolling and stacking until their towers fell down!

Salt Trays

Salt tray literacy center for kindergarten. Practice sight word recognition and spelling with this fun, play-based center.

Another activity that can be re-used all year. The salt is put in these containers, and then you can put the tops on and store them until you are ready to use them again. When we took out the salt trays this time, we encouraged students to write sight words or make pictures. Our students love this!

Do you have a favourite activity that you did with your students this past year?

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