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Letter Recognition and Formation

letter recognition and formation

One of the most important skills to teach in kindergarten is letter recognition and formation. During our literacy center block, we usually have at least one of our activities focused on letters. Here are a few of our activities from this past month. These are classroom favourites that students tend to gravitate towards (they love anything hands-on and interactive).

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Beginning Sound Write-and-Swipe Cards

These cards are perfect for working on beginning sounds and letter formation. They have boxes that remind students to use tall, short, or hang-down letters. Each card has a space to write an uppercase and lowercase letter. These are great for reinforcing phonics, and to help teach students how to write each letter.

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There is also letter posters included. Students can reference them to make sure they are writing letters correctly. I love this center, and it is one that makes an appearance every few weeks throughout the school year. It is also great for guided groups, and allows you to have students focus on writing letters the correct way.

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Pineapple Literacy Activities

These are just the cutest work mats! I love the cute pineapple graphics, and our students loved it too. With this center, students pick a pineapple with an uppercase letter on it. Then they locate the lowercase letter on their work mat and cover it up!

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We used a variety of loose parts to cover up the pineapple pieces, but the favourite of the day was dried Lima beans. Our students love using them and they are the perfect size for this center.

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Also included in the pack are these letter cards. Each card has a letter printed in the pineapple and students have to cover-up the matching uppercase and lowercase letters. These are great because it uses different fonts so that students get used to seeing letters in different formats. Both of these activities are available here:

Pineapple Literacy Activities square preview

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Popsicle Letter Puzzles

This is another hands-on center that is a hit with students whenever we take it out. Students have to match the 3 pieces of the popsicle: uppercase letter, lowercase letter and picture with matching beginning sound. I wrote a blog post on how I put these together to make them into popsicles, but they could easily be kept as regular puzzles!

Popsicle Letter Match square preview


Lego Letters

This is another popular center in our classroom. Students love the challenge of making letters out of Lego! It is great letter formation practice, as well as fine motor skill development. It’s a great way to get students who love to build working on their letters too. You can download the Lego letter sheet from here (I can’t find the original post for this, if you know what it is please let me know so I can put the proper link).

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