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This Week in Kindergarten (#20)

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I know everyone in the States has been enjoying their Thanksgiving vacation, but up here in Canada, it was business as usual this week. Our students continue to blow us away day after day with how awesome they are, and how much they are learning each and every day. Here is a quick round-up of some of our centers this week:

3 little pigs STEM challenge

Three Little Pigs STEM Challenge

My teaching partner had this idea to set up this Three Little Pigs STEM activity for the students. They were encouraged to use the materials to make three houses (straw, sticks, red bricks). We then asked students to make predictions about what would happen when the wolf tried to blow down their houses. We used a hair dryer as the big bad wolf and had students try to blow down their houses. Then we discussed what happened with the different materials. They had so much fun, and even though this activity left a mess, they were really good at tidying! We left this out all week and we had students there every day, and returning to it again and again.

easy print and prep math centers- measurement and time

New Centers Added!

My Easy Print and Prep Math Centers Bundle had some new activities added to it this week. I think this Measurement Buddy is my favourite out of all the new additions. You take him around the classroom and compare his length to other objects. You can then record some things that you found that were the same, smaller or bigger than him. I’m pretty excited to see what our students discover! You can find this activity in my Measurement and Time pack, or you can get all my Easy Print and Prep centers for a great deal:

Measurement and Time Preview     Bundle Preview

math loose parts center

 Math Loose Parts

Our students have been doing some great things with our loose parts center lately. My teaching partner had the idea of adding cards to the center to give them an extra manipulative to work with. They are learning to show their numbers in different ways, and all these open-ended materials makes it fun for them to explore. We set out the linking charts, and they are great for helping students remember how to show their numbers with a ten frame, and with tally marks. If you would like them, they are available in my store:

Number Posters Square Preview

translating patterns

Translating Patterns

We have been working on patterning the past couple of weeks, and our students have been loving creating their own patterns. We gave them a challenge this week with this activity- they had to translate the patterns! They pick one of the pattern strips, then they have to figure out what the rule of the pattern is, and finally create their own pattern following that rule. It was a multi-step process that required them to really think about their patterns, but they blew us away and they did a fantastic job with this! I was blown away with how well they were able to translate the patterns, and how much fun they were having with it! If you would like to try this activity out with your class, you can get it in my store:

transferring patterns square

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