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Sight Word Snowman Literacy Center

Sight word snowman

I am constantly looking for new literacy centers to keep students engaged while practicing sight words. I want them to learn, but still enjoy the activities and centers that they are doing. That’s why I have decided to come out with a series of different building with sight words products. It is something different that our students haven’t done before, and it helps them to practice reading and writing different sight words.

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For this activity, students have to pick a hat, a bow tie or scarf, and arms to build their snowman (I laminate all the pieces for this center so that they can be used over and over again). Once their snowman has been put together, they have to record the sight words that they used. After finishing, they can erase and start over again. With so many pieces to choose from, students can build an endless combination of snowmen and will have fun taking it apart, and putting it back together!

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I’ve also included a second option for this center, and it is a black and white version that students can use to make their own copy of the snowman. They cut out the pieces that they would like to use, colour them in and glue them to the snowman. Once they have finished building, they record the sight words that they used. This is great for practicing scissor skills too!

I am going to continue to make different characters using the same concept as this activity, so that I can use it throughout the seasons and months of the school year. Once students understand how to do this center, you can switch it out monthly with new characters and they will already know what to do! So far, I have the turkey and jack-o-lantern centers done, and all three are available in a bundle. If you buy it now, you will get all the new characters that I add to the bundle as I put them out at no additional cost! So get it now while the price is low:

Square Preview      Sight Word Snowman Square Preview

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  1. Sharon, from Classroom in the Middle says:

    What a cute idea – I can see kids having fun making snowman after snowman with this!

  2. I really like this literacy center! I can see them having so much fun as the creative juices flow but then you give them the added benefit of going back to fill in the sight words they used. Brilliant!

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