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Letter Z & Q Activities for Kindergarten

We have continued to use fun activities to support our kindergartners as they learn new letters. These past few weeks we have focused on the letters Z and Q!


We used loose parts (rocks, gems and jewels) to make zigzags!

Our students have been loving puzzles lately, so we created our own puzzles! I printed out some puzzle templates I found online and the students designed and cut out their own pieces! They said they also needed something to put the pieces in so they used brown paper bags to hold all their pieces. They loved this center!


Next up was the letter Q, and students worked together to design a quilt! Each student got to pick a square and do a drawing of anything they wanted. In the end, I put all the pieces together to make our own classroom quilt (which I forgot to take a picture of…)20161214_094837.jpg

And of course… painting with Q-tips!

What fun activities have your students been interested in lately?

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