100th Day of School

Can you believe it’s almost time for the 100th day of school? Sometimes the year seems to be dragging on, then all of a sudden we are at 100 days…


We have a lot going on in our room over the next week, we are hosting a Healthy Eating Celebration (our class has chosen a menu, and students are bringing in different ingredients; we are going to prepare our snacks and lunch together), it’s Valentine’s Day coming up, and 100th day of school all within a week of each other. So I needed quick and easy centers that I knew the students would enjoy.


This pack includes everything you need to run 8 successful 100th day of school activity centers. All you need are the manipulatives (100 each of: tangrams, wood blocks, snap cubes, popsicle sticks, Duplo/Lego).


What you get in this pack:

* ‘Race to 100’ printable game,
* ‘I’m 100 Days Smarter’ medal for students to colour,
* ‘My 100th Day of School Checklist’ to make sure every student completes all the centers,
* 8 posters to display at centers explaining how to do each one,
* ‘My Book of 100 Things!’ printable.

Everything is in BW for easy printing (use coloured copy paper to make posters vibrant and appealing), and is easy to set-up and run.


All of this is available in one easy download from my Teachers pay Teachers store for $3.00:

100th Day of School Activities and Printables

I hope you enjoy your 100th Day of School celebration! What are you planning to do?


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