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Sight Word Parking Lot

I just finished a revamp of one of the first items I ever uploaded to Teachers pay Teachers: Sight Word Parking Lot Game


I have been meaning to go back to it for awhile. I didn’t really like the font, and I thought it needed a little more added to it. I finally got the changes done and I am so much happier with it.

Instead of just having the work mats and the sight word cards, it now includes 2 worksheets to go along with the game.


The first one is a recording sheet. The students can practice writing the sight words that are on their mat. It is a great way to reinforce letter formation and sight word recognition.


The second is a sight word sentence worksheet. Students get to pick one of the sight words from their parking lot, write a sentence with it, then illustrate it.

I think our students are going to enjoy the added challenge that these pages will give them.


Get it for $3.00 from my store:

Kindergarten Sight Word Parking Lot Literacy Game

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