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Instagram Posts of the Week #69- rain cloud fine motor, rain cloud science, domino number line, spring coding, and more!

Spring is here (even though it snowed today!), and we have been learning all about spring showers and the science behind why it rains. Our students have had so much fun learning about the different kinds of clouds, and exploring the weather outside our classroom. Here is a look back on what we did this …

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Instagram Posts of the Week #40- Number Line Fun, Math Sensory Bin, Worm Fine Motor, Invitation to Create a Nest

As we inch our way closer to spring (didn’t feel like it this week with all the snow and freezing rain that we got), we have been continuing to do spring activities in our classroom. Spring Math Sensory Bin We used this sensory bin last week to practice using tally marks. They seem to be …

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Inquiry centers and activities to explore flowers and seeds. Use inquiry based learning about plants with technology, hands-on learning and exploration.

Flowers and Seeds Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry based learning: inquiry centers and activities to explore flowers and seeds. Facilitate inquiry based learning with plants with technology, hands-on learning and exploration. My students were very excited when we read a book about spring and the signs of spring. During our class discussion, they started talking about the different plants and flowers that …

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Exploring Sink & Float in Kindergarten

While learning about items that sink and float in our kindergarten classroom, we gave lots of opportunity to have hands-on experiences testing out different objects and recording their results. We started by setting out a bin of water and different items found around our classroom. Students tested each object and then sorted them by whether …

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The Duck Life Cycle Part 5

If you are just joining me for this series, please take a look at my previous 4 Duck Life Cycle posts for even more information! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 These past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. We went from learning all about ducks, to actually seeing the process …

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