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Instagram Posts of the Week #68- sight word rainbow craft, magnet maze, math provocations and more!

Fine motor activity, doubles math provocation for addition, magnet maze challenge, rainbow loose parts, adding with beads math provocation, come sight word craft. Easy, fun, hands-on activities for kindergarten

Spring is finally here and I am so excited for the warmer weather! What are your favorite spring activities to do with your students? Let me know in the comments! Make sure you keep an eye on my blog to see what we will be doing.

Here is a look at some of the activities we have been doing in our classroom these past few weeks:

Magnet Maze

play dough and magnet challenge for kindergarten. Can be used for STEM and exploring magnets during science.

Students used play dough to create mazes that they had to try and get their magnet disc through. They had a great time creating their mazes, and it was a great way for students to explore magnets!

Fine Motor and Magnets

Fine motor activity for kindergarten. Explore magnets and work on fine motor skills with this fun, hands-on activity.

We used the magnetic discs at our fine motor station and these fun Race Car strips. Students placed the discs along the line, then used the magnet wand to sweep them up. I bought the magnetic discs from Amazon and they have been a great addition to our centers! There are so many things we can do with them, and our students love them.

The Race Car Fine Motor strips are included in my Fine Motor Activities pack:

fine motor activities square cover

Animal Addition Stories

Addition math provocation for kindergarten. Animal math story to reinforce adding with your students.

We read the story¬†What’s New at the Zoo? and then created our own addition stories using whiteboards and animals. Our students loved making up their own stories, and they were so creative.

Adding with Beads

Addition math provocation for kindergarten. Adding using a hands-on and fun math center.

A simple math provocation to practice adding: students picked two cards and beaded that number and counted how many they had all together. This was great for reinforcing addition, and also worked on fine motor skills.

Rainbow Loose Parts

Make a rainbow provocation using loose parts. Students used different materials to make their own unique rainbow.

This provocation was set up for students to explore the colors of the rainbow, and make their own rainbows using the different materials.

Sight Word Craft

kindergarten sight word craft. Make a rainbow using your sight word. A fun, hands-on literacy center to reinforce sight words.

We made these cute sight word rainbows last week. The students drew their own cloud and cut it out, then they chose 4 strips of paper to write the letters on and glued it to the cloud. I love how they turned out!

Double the Fun

Work on doubles with this math provocation and mirrors. A simple, hands-on activity to practice addition and making doubles in kindergarten.

Our students have been really interested in doubles lately. I don’t know why that is, but for some reason they are always discussing doubles and we decided to create a center to work on this skill. They loved using the mirrors, and it was so much fun!

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