Kindergarten Bump It Up Walls

Our school and school board loves to see bump it up wall in our classroom. For it to be useful for our kindergarten students, they need to be able to understand how and when to use them. This is a skill that has to be taught over time, and so we like to make our… Continue reading Kindergarten Bump It Up Walls


Take a Look Back (#21)

Our classroom has been full of building, learning, exploring and art this past week. Our students have been enjoying some of our winter activities, and some new centers to explore. Take a look back on some of the things that we have been up to: Compost Container Our school gave us this composting container to… Continue reading Take a Look Back (#21)

Student Voice in the Kindergarten Classroom

Last school year, I had begun to use QR codes in our classroom (see this post if you want to see what we did). They linked back to audio files of students explaining their work. We attached it to artwork that the students had done, so anyone entering the classroom would be able to hear… Continue reading Student Voice in the Kindergarten Classroom

A Tour of our Construction Site

This year I really wanted to have a construction site set up so students could build and play with different materials. I love having students use their creativity and problem solving skills to make structures. We have dedicated a small corner of our classroom to our building materials, and we are going to keep adding… Continue reading A Tour of our Construction Site

Fun Writing Activity for The Day The Crayons Quit

Disclaimer: This activity was the awesome idea of my teaching partner. I just took the  pictures and wrote the blog post. The Day the Crayons Quit is a fun book to read with kids. It's funny and gives a different point of view than the usual children's book. The crayons are writing letters to their… Continue reading Fun Writing Activity for The Day The Crayons Quit

“My Advice to New Students” Banner Freebie!

Towards the end of the school year, we always have a Welcome to Kindergarten night. Kinder students that will be joining us in the new school year have a chance to visit their future  school with their families. We set up different math, art and literacy centers as examples of what they will be doing… Continue reading “My Advice to New Students” Banner Freebie!

Subtraction Stories and Technology

Our school has made a real push to use more technology in the classroom. Particularly in kindergarten classrooms, we were told to make our use of technology at the point of instruction more apparent. We have 2 desktop computers and 2 iPads in our classrooms at all times and we can sign out laptops and… Continue reading Subtraction Stories and Technology