Instagram Posts of the Week #34- Skype in the classroom, Saint-Patrick’s Day play dough, measurement and more!

Exploring posts from my Instagram feed from this past week, Skype in the classroom, Saint-Patrick's Day play dough, Invitation to create Shamrock, measurement activity.

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Saint-Patrick's Day play dough invitation to create. Loose parts and task cards set out for this literacy center.

Saint-Patrick’s Day Play Dough Center

To make this center, I added green food colouring to my regular play dough recipe. There were also various green and Saint-Patrick’s Day themed items added to the tray.

Saint-Patrick's Day play dough invitation to create. Loose parts and task cards set out for this literacy center.

I think most of these items were found at the dollar store, and the ‘I Can Make A…’ task cards can be found in my store:

square preview

Invitation to Create Shamrock art center for Saint-Patrick's Day.

Invitation to Create with Shamrock

We set out these art materials and encouraged our students to make whatever they wanted with them. Most of them ended up making it into the person (I think the googly eyes inspired them), but each one create a really unique piece. I love activities like this where the students can pick and choose what they want. They were also able to get more supplies if they wanted- some students got markers, crayons and anything else they wanted.

Our class is shamrocking bulletin board in kindergarten for Saint-Patrick's Day art and activities.

Our Class is Shamrocking Bulletin Board

Our students love seeing their work displayed in the classroom. We put up a few of the pieces we worked on before the break- and they were so happy to see their art and work on the wall.

Skype in the classroom- technology in the classroom

Skype in the Classroom

My friend Jenn from Books and Bytes finally joined Instagram and I am so excited that she is going to be sharing the all of the awesome things that she does as Teacher-Librarian at our school! You can check out her Instagram and make sure you follow her to get so many great ideas. She also wrote a blog post about how she uses Skype in the Kindergarten Classroom!

As the weather changes, we are starting to plan some spring activities! Make sure you follow me here and on Instagram to get daily inspiration!

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