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Instagram Posts of the Week #33- Saint-Patrick’s Day writing prompt, math game, loose parts center and more!

Saint-Patrick's Day writing prompt freebie, math game, loose parts center and Spring break writing prompt

The week coming up is March Break for me! I am so excited to have some time off to relax, nap and get some of my to-do list done! Here is what we did during our last week before break:

Saint-Patrick's Day inspired loose parts center with task cards. Great literacy center idea for kindergarten.

What Can You Build?

This Saint-Patrick’s Day inspired loose parts center was a great hit with our students. They loved using the different materials to build and create with. Our class really got into our Saint-Patrick’s day activities, and they did not know a lot of the words associated with the holiday (I had to explain what a leprechaun was!), so this center was great to help build their vocabulary. These cards are available in my store:

square preview

Painting provocation for Saint-Patrick's day. Fun art activity for kindergarten students.

Can you make some Shamrocks?

This print making center was a great way to work on fine motor skills, and experiment stamping with different materials. Our students combined the two different kinds of stamps to create their own unique art pieces. I love setting this out all week so that students can visit it whenever they want, and they can see what others are creating throughout the week. I got the shamrock cookie cutters from Bulk Barn, and the 3 corks were rubber-banded together to make a small shamrock stamp. Easy set-up and clean up!

Can you find the shamrock? math game for kindergarten students. Practice number recognition with this fun math center.

Can you find the Shamrock?

This is a fun game to set up for students so that they can practice number recognition and turn-taking skills. A student closes their eyes while another student hides the shamrock behind one of the numbers. The first student then has to try and guess where the shamrock is hidden by naming numbers. We have also played this as a whole group, and our students love it! This is also available in my store:

can you find the clover square preview

March Break or Spring Break writing prompt. Take-home activity or writing center for kindergarten.

March Break Writing Prompt

As I said at the beginning of this post, March Break is this week for me. We decided to send home this simple writing prompt for students if they would like to write about some of the things they do over March Break with their families. The pack includes an introduction letter so that families know what to do.

instagram11 (8)

It also comes with two version of the writing sheet: one for Spring Break and one for March Break. When students come back from break, they will get a chance to share what they wrote about. They always love that part! If you are not on break yet, and would like to do this with your class (you can also use this in your writing center when students return from break!), you can get it here:

March Madness & Spring Break Writing Prompt- square preview

What Would You do with a pot of gold? class book and writing prompt for kindergarten. Great Saint-Patrick's day writing center.

What would you do with a pot of gold?

After explaining to our students what a leprechaun was, I told them about the pot of gold that they hide at the end of the rainbow. They had so many amazing ideas for what they would do with that gold, so I knew we had to make another class book together to share their ideas.

instagram11 (7)

It is the time of the school year when all of our work is paying off and I am so proud of our students’ writing. Most of our SKs can write 2 sentences on their own, and some of our JKs too. Their pictures are now more detailed, and they illustrate what they are writing about. So proud of our little kindergarten students- they work so hard!

If you would like to do this writing prompt with your students, you can get it in this Class Books for the Whole Year pack:

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