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A Tour of our Construction Site

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This year I really wanted to have a construction site set up so students could build and play with different materials. I love having students use their creativity and problem solving skills to make structures. We have dedicated a small corner of our classroom to our building materials, and we are going to keep adding new materials throughout the year.

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The wall has pictures of students working on their structures. We are changing them out as we get more pictures. I also hope to start putting QR codes with their pictures that will link to videos of the students showcasing what they built. They love seeing their picture up there, and ask to have their picture taken so they can be on the wall too.

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The ledge has a few items on it, including two real construction hats that they can wear, a box of dowels and posts, and a book about construction sites.

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The “I Can…” statement poster helps students understand what they can do at the center. We have added some planning sheets that students can use to make their blueprints, and a class book that they can use to record what they have built. For the first few weeks we have let students explore the materials, but we want to bring more math and literacy into this center using these items.

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And of course, the building materials! So far we have straws and connectors, marble run, wood burned building blocks, and the colorful blocks I made over the summer. I plan to add alphabet blocks and other items as the year goes on.


I’m so glad they like this center and I hope they continue to make amazing structures and have fun working together!

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  1. Oh, this is great! Okay, another fabulous construction book I only just discovered this summer myself, is the Usborne “Shine a Light” book, called “On The Construction Site” by Carron Brown. I’d never used “Shine a Light” books before, but we checked it out at the library. You can use a flash light or cellphone to see hidden things in the pictures. The construction site one was a lot of fun. 🙂

    And on one of your future posts, (if you haven’t already done this), could you show us in more detail how you use QR codes? I’m not sure I understand yet how you’re doing it and how kids can look themselves up, but it sounds super fascinating.

    • Amanda B. says:

      I will have to look this book up! Sounds like so much fun. I am working on getting a post up about QR codes up. I just have to finish our display at school so I can get a picture 🙂

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