The Duck Life Cycle Part 4

If you have missed my previous posts about our duck egg adventures, take a look at my previous posts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 The duck eggs have continued to be a great learning experience in our classroom. We have continued to care for them, and students are still asking great questions about the… Continue reading The Duck Life Cycle Part 4


Cloud Activities in Kindergarten

The students in our class were showing an interest a couple of weeks ago in the weather and the clouds that they saw outside. So we decided to start a unit on clouds and see how interested they were in looking at different kinds of weather. Apparently not very interested because we have decided to… Continue reading Cloud Activities in Kindergarten

Dinosaur Play-Based Centers Part 2

As was promised with last week's post, here is week 2 of our dinosaur play-based centers. Students have continued to enjoy learning about dinosaurs, and this week we went deeper into the different types of dinosaurs to learn about them. We started off with the T-Rex (of course), then a triceratops and finally the pterodactyl… Continue reading Dinosaur Play-Based Centers Part 2

Letters V & X Centers

We are finishing up our letter study this year with our last two letters! It is pretty exciting when our Junior Kindergarten students finish learning the alphabet and start writing. It opens up a whole new world to them and they gain so much confidence in their skills. Our letter V center was pretty simple,… Continue reading Letters V & X Centers

Invitation to Explore – Line of Symmetry

We used butterflies as a jumping off point for looking at lines of symmetry. We began by using this butterfly matching game to reinforce the concept that butterflies wings are symmetrical. Next, we used some really simple ideas for our loose parts center: We put a stick in the middle of the cork board that… Continue reading Invitation to Explore – Line of Symmetry