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Take a Look Back #17

Instagram Posts of the Week 17

With Halloween landing on a Tuesday this year, it has felt like a whirlwind week. We had a lot of fun centers and we had such a great time, but I am excited for the weekend! Here are a few of my pictures I shared on Instagram over the past week:


With this provocation, students were encouraged to use different materials to make a bat. Once they were done with their creation, I took a picture and they told me everything they had learned about bats. I put the picture and the quote together, and I am adding them to their science notebooks. Students really love these open centers where they can be creative and manipulative the materials.

instagram11 (1)

This small world play was inspired by the students’ interest in Halloween and building. They used the materials to create their own haunted house, then used the recording sheet to draw what they had done. Each students’ creation was so different, and they had a lot of fun using the different materials in their creations.

If you would like a copy of the recording sheet, I have added it to my Resource Library as a free download!

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It was the end of the month, so we added our October writing to our Memory Journals and Books. I love looking back on the progress that students are making every month, and it is a great souvenir to send to parents at the end of the year. These writing pages are available in my store:

Memory Books square          Memory Journals square

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The day after Halloween, we knew that our students would be excited to share stories and talk about their experiences, so we set out Sticker Story writing. They wrote some awesome stories using the Halloween stickers left over from our Halloween party, and they had some great writing practice too!

You can get the writing sheet in my Resource Library as a free download! (it can be used with any stickers, any time throughout the year):

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