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The Duck Life Cycle Part 3

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We have finished our third week with the duck eggs in our classroom. I am so excited to see their changes everyday, and our students have been learning so much in the process!

Our egg candler is showing us so many changes inside the eggs. Some of the eggs had ducklings moving inside! We could see feet and legs this week, which was pretty awesome to see the ducklings grow and change in front of our eyes.


We set up some clipboards and my “I See, I Think, I Wonder” scientific writing sheets (you can get it for free here!) beside the incubator to get our students writing and thinking of the duck eggs and what is coming next.

Students have also been hard at work writing in their Duck Life Cycle journals. We fill in a new page every few days and it touches on a lot of important topics in our Duck Life Cycle unit.

¬†We are continuing to watch for changes within the eggs, but some of them have not developed any embryos inside. We had a discussion with our students recently about how not all the eggs will hatch, and that we can see that nothing has grown inside them. It was a hard discussion to have, but they took it well and didn’t seem upset by it!

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