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Take a Look Back with me! (#16)

Copy of Instagram Posts of the Week 15

This past week our kindergarten classroom has been filled with fun activities and provocations. We also went to the pumpkin farm and continued with our fun fall-inspired activities. We have such a wonderfully creative class, and it is so easy to set up provocations for them. It makes our job so much easier, and we get to have fun right along with them. Here are some of the things from my Instagram feed this week:

instagram11 (2)

After learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin, I brought a vine from my garden into the classroom so our students could see first-hand what it looks like. I was lucky to find one that had a flower on it, and a small green pumpkin! Students used the vocabulary cards to write and draw what they saw and what they know about the life cycle of a pumpkin. We got some great, detailed pictures with labels from this provocation, and it gave our students the opportunity to show us what they know about pumpkins.

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We wrapped up our shape unit this past week, and we had a lot of fun when learning about 2D shapes and their properties. Our students love building, so this Spin and Make the Shape center was a hit! We had different materials that students could use to make the different shapes that they land on. You can find this center and many more in my Easy Print and Prep activity pack:

2D shape Preview

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These I Spy books are perfect for a fun literacy center. Our students had a choice of pointers that they could use: a star or eye (big googly eye hot glued to a popsicle stick), and they could wear the fun Halloween glasses too. They had a great time looking for sight words and letters in each of the books.

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This simple number provocation had our students representing and writing numbers in different ways. Different loose parts, popsicle stick ten frames, white boards and white boards markers, and number posters inspired them to show numbers. You can get the number posters in my store:

Number Posters Square Preview

We have lots of fun activities planned for next week, so make sure you follow me to stay up to date with what we are doing:

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