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Sorting in Kindergarten with a FREEBIE

Sorting in Kindergarten

We have just finished up our unit on sorting and it is always my favourite math strand to cover. It gives us an opportunity to use a variety of fun manipulatives, and explore different materials. Here are a few of our centers, make sure you go all the way to the end to find the free posters!

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How can you sort?

These work mats give some guidance to students on which rule to follow when they are sorting. When we begin sorting, I find that they have trouble identifying how they can sort a variety of objects. With these mats, our students were able to sort by size and colour no problem! They are a great way to start off your sorting unit and have students focus on specific rules.

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These open-ended work mats give more freedom for students to choose their materials, and the rule they would like to sort by. They can use the cards to help identify the different rules that they are sorting by. There are so many different materials that you can use, and our students loved practicing with the different loose parts that were on the table.

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Once they understand the different rules that they can sort by, students start using the different materials and describing their sorting rule.

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To help our students remember the sorting rules, I made these simple posters to have on our math wall so that they can reference them when they are working at centers.

You can download them for free in my Resource Library!

You can get the rest of the sorting centers in my store:

Sorting Preview

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