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A new blogging journey!

Hello dear readers! I am so excited to share my brand new blog with you!

I strive on  sharing and talking about different ideas for the classroom with my fellow educators. I will use this space to not only share some great ideas that I have for my classroom, but anything I create or use to make it a fun and inviting place for the children.

That is why I am starting this new journey with a FREEBIE!

We are currently working on sorting by different attributes in math, and I wanted to give them a visual to help them get started on this new (for them) concept. I created these math sorting task cards and added them to the sorting tray with some pompoms to get them started.

Sorting Task CardsThey did such a fantastic job sorting through the pompoms and finding the right quantity to match every card.

There are 3 sets of task cards in this download (and each set has 6 cards) and on each card there is a number, the number word and the colour of the pompom that they have to match.

Get the free download for this activity:

Math Task Cards for Sorting

Please keep checking my blog regularly for more great stuff!

And don’t forget to comment! 🙂


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