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Measurement Centers for the Kindergarten Classroom

Measurement math centers for kindergarten with a free poster download. Hands-on and engaging activities to practice non-standard measurement.

measurement centers: Reinforce measurement skills with these hands-on and fun activities for kindergarten. Students can use these easy prep math centers to practice measuring.

As we continue to work on our math skills in our kindergarten classroom, I have noticed that our students love to use hands-on materials when they are learning new concepts. Non-standard measurement is a great way to use hands-on learning.

There are so many different materials you can use, and so many learning opportunities. We used paper clips, tiles, gems, erasers, links, and so much more in the weeks that we worked on measurement.

Here are a few of the measurement centers that we had fun with:

measure the pencils

Can you measure the pencils? Math provocation for kindergarten

Students compared the different pencils, and used a variety of loose parts to measure out the different sized pencils. I had rainbow sticks, snap cubes, tiles, gems, plastic links, wood cubes.

Measuring pencils math center for kindergarten

They were able to talk about the different sizes in a tangible way, and had concrete materials to practice with. They compared the different sizes and materials once they finished measuring.

draw a picture and measure it

Draw a picture and measure it. Math center for kindergarten students.

This was a huge hit with our students. We got so many creative pictures and students had a great time measuring their creations when they were done. We had firetrucks, ninjas, rainbows, bears, sharks, butterflies, mermaids, and so much more!

I love watching our students be creative, and this activity ties math into their art.

measurement buddies

Measurement Buddies math center for kindergarten students

This activity gets students moving around the classroom (which is always great for the littles that have trouble sitting still). Each student gets their own Measurement Buddy (a penguin) that they can color in, then they go around the classroom comparing it to different objects.

measurement buddies math activity for kindergarten students

They must find something smaller, bigger and the same size as their buddy, and record their findings. This was a great activity for comparing objects and using math language.

i can posters

I Can Measure posters freebie

I made these posters to help our students remember the math language that they can use when doing various measurement activities in the classroom. They are a great visual to refer to when they are working on different concepts.

If you would like a copy, I have added it to my Resource Library as a free download! 

more math centers

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All the activities seen in this post are available in Easy Print and Prep Math Centers: Measurement and Time. You can get it on its own or in the bundle that will give you all the different math strands! If you would like to take a look, click on the images below:

Measurement and Time Preview   Bundle Preview

What are your favourite materials to use when teaching non-standard measurement? let me know in the comments!

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