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Take a Look Back #25 – winter math activities, line of symmetry, sight word stamping, rainbow writing, and more!

Winter math activities, line of symmetry with loose parts, stamping sight words and rainbow writing

A first week back at school means that I am exhausted, but glad to be back! We had a great time this week, and here is a quick look at what we got up to:

Build a sight word pizza literacy activity for kindergarten

Build a Sight Word Pizza

I am really excited about this new literacy center that I made over the winter break. Each of the pizza toppings have a different sight word on them, so students make their pizza and then record the sight words that they used. It’s a great way to practice sight word recognition and spelling. If this is something you would like to use with your students, it is available in a bundle or on its own:

Sight Word Pizza Square Preview      Square Preview

Winter math activity for kindergarten.

Winter Math Games

As we go back to school in the snow and cold weather, these activity mats are perfect for our math centers. I love this product because it includes so many different options- large numbers, small numbers, ten frames, tally marks. I took a closer look at everything that is included in this blog post: Winter Math and Literacy Centers. You can check it out in the bundle or on its own:

square preview     snowflake math pack square

Line of symmetry loose parts center provocation for kindergarten.

Line of Symmetry Invitation to Create

Loose parts invitation to create that was set up to work on line of symmetry this week. It was a great way to work on this skill, and was fun too! I used tape to make a line down the table so that students could build on both sides of it.

I can make words stamping activity. Free sight word activity.

I Can Make Words

We used letter stamps and our sight word books to practice sight word recognition and spelling this week. Such an easy center to set up and it can be used week after week!

If you would like to use this recording sheet,  I have added it to my Resource Library as a free download!

Sight word rainbow writing activity pages for kindergarten literacy centers

Sight Word Rainbow Writing

These activity pages were perfect for reinforcing sight words. Students roll a die then trace the word with the color they land on. Once they have finished tracing the word, they have to make a sentence using it. This was a hit with our students! If you would like to try it out, you can get it in my store:

Square Preview

Finally! (1)

On a personal note…

I have been with my SO for 13 years, so I am pretty excited to finally be engaged. We went together to pick out the ring, and I could not be happier with what we chose. I don’t post a lot of personal things to my Instagram account (or really anywhere on social media), but I was too excited not to share this news with everyone!


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