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Take a Look Back #26- snowflake loose parts, color word books, beading sight words, and more!

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It has been snowing here- a lot. Our students were showing interest in the snowflakes and how the snow was falling so we made sure to incorporate lots of winter centers into our learning this week.

snowflake loose parts center for kindergarten students.

Snowflake Loose Parts

This center was made to inspire students to create their own unique snowflakes using loose parts. We discussed how every snowflake is unique, and our students had a chance to create their own using these materials. We had Q-tips, blue and white gems, grey pipe cleaners,  cotton balls, small popsicle sticks, and blue matchsticks.

Loose parts for creating snowflakes in kindergarten.

I love to see how creative our students get when we give them these materials to play with, and they make it their own.

Sight word literacy center with beads for kindergarten

Making Sight Words with Beads

Our students worked on sight word recognition and spelling with this easy to set-up center. I bought the wooden letter beads at Wal-Mart and they are perfect for using with pipe cleaners! This was great fine motor work too and our students loved searching for the letters they needed (it was great to hear them asking each other for letters too!)

Crayon Color Words emergent reader book for kindergarten

Color Words Book

We have a class that loves to color! Anything that we put out that involves coloring or drawing is a hit in our class. We want them to start recognizing their color words and these books are perfect for working on this skill. The pack comes with 10 different books that cover different seasons and holidays, so you can keep practicing all year! If this is something that you would like to use in your classroom, you can find it in my store:

Color Emergent Reader Square Preview

Math loose parts center for kindergarten winter center. Add mittens for a fun twist

Winter Math Loose Parts Center

I added some felt mittens to our math loose parts center this week. It was great for getting students to look at adding and decomposing numbers.

Math loose parts center for winter in kindergarten

The mittens were so easy to make- I printed out a template online, then I traced it on different felt pieces and cut them out. So easy to do, and it added another element to our loose parts center!

sight word practice center for kindergarten

Sight Word Practice Center

This is such an easy center to set up! We gave the students blackboards to use, a paintbrush and some water. We encouraged students to ‘paint’ their sight words and they had so much fun with this twist to their usual sight word practice.


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