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Practicing Symmetry in Kindergarten

Practice symmetry with these hands-on and fun centers for kindergarten. Easy to print and prep!

Symmetry is a math concept that is best practiced with hands-on centers: our loose parts center worked on this concept to give them some great practice (you can see that here). We also had a few more centers to reinforce the concept so that students could get lots of practice.

line of symmetry task cards for kindergarten

Line of Symmetry Task Cards

These task cards are perfect for practicing drawing lines of symmetry on objects. There are letters, numbers, shapes, and more! Our students found these challenging since some of the images have a line of symmetry that is vertical, and others are horizontal.

pattern block line of symmetry task cards and work mat for kindergarten

Pattern Block Line of Symmetry

These task cards and work mat are great for completing pictures along a line of symmetry. Our students found this activity challenging and they had to play around with the pieces before getting the hang of it. Once they did, they had a great time following the cards or making up their own images.

Draw a picture with a line of symmetry prompt for kindergarten

Draw a Picture with a Line of Symmetry

This drawing prompt was a huge hit with our students. My teaching partner and I thought this was going to be a big challenge for our students, but they did such a great job with this! They had so many great ideas: flowers, clouds, trees, but this one has to be my favourite…

draw a line of symmetry prompt for kindergarten

‘moustache’ has got to be the greatest answer!

If you would like to try some of these centers, they are available in my Easy Print and Prep pack, along with more hands-on and fun activities!

Bundle Preview        Symmetry Preview

You can also have a look at this past post to have a more in-depth look at some of the other activities!

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