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Kindergarten Line of Symmetry Activities


Over the past two weeks we have been investigating lines of symmetry in our classroom. We looked at where we saw them in nature (bugs, butterflies, leaves), where we saw lines of symmetry in our classroom (letters, numbers) and we made our own symmetrical images. Here are a few activities that you can try in your classroom!


I made this butterfly matching game a few years ago. I printed out pictures of butterflies, cut them in half and glued half of them to the bristle board. I laminated all the pieces to keep them nice, and added velcro to them. Students had a great time matching the two halves of the butterflies together.

We used our classroom tables to make symmetrical images. we used yarn and tape to make the slices, and put out loose parts. Students had a blast working together to make their creations symmetrical.

We had a small world play set up to create butterflies. I cut butterflies out of felt and added loose parts to the center. We had some very colourful creations in our room!


We used these awesome symmetry circle templates from A Little Pinch of Perfect to explore symmetry with different loose parts.


And we used my Pattern Block Flowers and Butterflies! Line of Symmetry Bundle to work on completing the images.

I love this math unit because it allows students to be creative, while still learning about different math concepts!



  1. These pictures and explanations show such brilliant ways to explore line of symmetry! I opened up your blog page to read and my six year old came running over to see more closely, asking, “What’s that? I want to see?”
    I simply *love* the idea of symmetry with the use of images and velcro the way you did it with the butterfly poster. And the table where children recreate symmetric images using manipulatives is inspiring: I’ve got to do this with my own kids. They will love it! Thanks for sharing.

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