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Instagram Posts of the Week #5

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I’m continuing to post some of our awesome kindergarten happenings to my Instagram. There has been some exciting things happening in our classroom lately, so if you want to keep up-to-date with what I’m doing, you should follow me!


We challenged our students to unscramble sight words using my Rainy Day Sight Words! activity pack. We challenged them to try and keep the cloud sight words turned over unless they really couldn’t figure out what the sight words were. This was great for our more advanced students! We challenged some students to use the sight words in sentences and write them on the back of the sheet.


Working with teen numbers provocation. We put out some loose parts, ten frames, base ten blocks, and teen number cards and let the students show us what they know. We got some amazing work from our students, and I even had to go get the base 100 blocks from our math room!


We got duck eggs! Our incubator is full of eggs and we are so excited to watch them grow and (hopefully) hatch!


We started talking about translating patterns and our students loved to use my new Translating Patterns activity. They used different math manipulatives to remake the patterns in different ways. It was a great opportunity to talk about the core and the rule of the pattern.

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