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This past week was our Welcome to Kindergarten night. We invite students that will be starting school in September to come into our kindergarten classrooms. We have centers set-up and they can explore the different classrooms. We were assigned loose parts this year and we incorporated a mix of math, literacy and art into our different centers.

Line Tracing with Loose Parts I drew lines with a golden sharpie on black construction paper. We added some fun loose parts for them to use to trace the lines.

Faces with Loose Parts We had some mirrors and loose parts set out for the children to make their own faces.


Loose Parts Names We encouraged the future students to build their names with our different loose parts. Writing names is one of the first skills we work on in kindergarten so this center will be a big part of the beginning of their school year.


Math Loose Parts This center was great for one-to-one correspondence.


Patterning with Loose Parts A simple provocation to get students thinking about patterning.

Playdough with Loose Parts Three different playdough provocations for students to explore.


Our students also wrote Advice to New Kindergarten students using the freebie available in my store. They had some great pieces of words of wisdom (my favourite was “Do not pick your nose”).

At each table I wrote a blurb explaining what each center was, and some quotes from our curriculum that relate to the activity that was at that table.

Our night was a great success! All the children and parents seemed to be having a lot of fun and we were able to connect and answer questions that families had about the program.

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  1. Diana says:

    Great ideas using loose parts! A question: what do you do with the playdough after students have put objects into it? Do you have them pull it all out? Does playdough get stuck in/on the loose parts?

    • Amanda B. says:

      They do have to take their loose parts out of the playdough after they are done. Most of them can be washed off easily (gems), and other loose parts I just keep for playdough!

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