Take a Look Back #71- make a flower provocation, seed bombs, line of symmetry activity and more!

Get new ideas for your kindergarten centers with this fun, hands-on ideas. Perfect for spring, Earth Day, STEM and math centers.

This week’s look back will showcase activities that we have explored this past week, included a spring math center, STEM coding robots, Earth Day fun, and a Spring provocation.

After our 4 day long weekend, we have been getting back into our classroom routines. Our students have learned so much already this year, and all their hard work is paying off. We are seeing so much growth and progress, it has been so awesome to watch. We now have 9 more weeks of school to really capitalize on all this learning!

Ozobots Coding Robots

Try a simple coding robot with your kindergarten students. Try the color codes and challenge students to code with this simple provocation.

Our students got the chance to explore some coding with these awesome robots. They follow the lines you make with a marker on a piece of paper. You can even draw in the color codes to make them do special actions. Our students love these, and were trying to code all kinds of different shapes and mazes.

We also had these robots out for families to explore during our STEM night, you can read all about that in this post!

Pattern Block Flowers Math Center

Practice completing images along a line of symmetry with this fun and hands-on math center for kindergarten. Complete the flowers with this perfect spring themed activity.

This symmetry center is always a huge hit at this time of the year. Students replicate the image of the flower using pattern blocks on their work mat. Once that side is complete,  they try to complete the image along the line of symmetry. Each of the task cards are based on an actual flower, so these are a perfect addition to your spring centers.

Practice completing images along a line of symmetry with this fun and hands-on math center for kindergarten. Complete the flowers with this perfect spring themed activity.

Our students find some of the cards challenging, but they love completing them and seeing how the flower looks when it is all put together. This is a center that I love at this time of the year- something that will challenge them, and make them really slow down and think about what they are doing.

If you would like to use this center in your classroom, it is available in my store:

Pattern Block Flowers square preview2

Seed Bombs Earth Day Project

Make seed bombs as an Earth Day or spring activity. Use recycled paper to make seed balls with your students to plant.

For Earth Day, our students made seed bombs using scrap construction paper that was going to be put in the recycling bin. Instead, we gave it new life by  making these seed bombs that students can plant in their gardens. This was my first time making them, but I followed the instructions from Buggy and Buddy and they came out perfectly!

Flower Provocation Spring Activity

Loose parts provocation for kindergarten: Can you make a flower? A perfect, hands-on spring activity.

Our small world center this week had students creating their own flowers using loose parts. We provided some pictures of real flowers as inspiration, and they created some beautiful art pieces with the materials. I love seeing their creativity with centers like these!

What are your favorite springtime centers? Let me know in the comments!

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