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Instagram Posts of the Week #27- snowflake geoboards, owl painting, literacy loose parts, class book

Snowflake geoboard provocation, sight word building blocks center, literacy loose parts, The Mitten class book writing prompt

As we continued to learn about snowflakes and winter in general (check our last week’s post for more ideas), we did some fun activities this week around the same theme. Scroll all the way to the end to find a free printable for a class book based on The Mitten!

Snowflake invitation to create with geoboards for kindergarten.

Snowflake Invitation to Create

After reading Snowflake Bentley, we decided to get students to create their own snowflakes using geoboards. Our students loved making their own snowflakes, and it was great fine motor practice too!

Snowflake invitation to create with geoboards for kindergarten.

I love how each student created their own unique snowflakes!

Owl painting in kindergarten

Owl Painting

For this art activity, we followed this post from Fantastic, Fun and Learning to create these. On the first day, we used white paint and bristle brushes (we didn’t have any loofahs) to create the owl’s body. On the second day, I set up the paper and other supplies they needed to complete their snowy owl. We let them cut out their own eyes, beak and feet. For the branch, we encouraged them to tear a piece of brown paper. I love how they all came out so unique!

Literacy loose parts center for kindergarten students to work on sight words and letters.

Literacy Loose Parts

I tried something new this week with our loose part center. I did a mix of loose parts in the middle of the table, and added a paper with the sight words and letters to part of the table. I was hopping that students would match letters or outline them. They weren’t as interested as I thought they would be! They didn’t seem to know what to do with the mix of items in the middle, so they didn’t really do anything with them. So I think I will try going back to having separate bowls for the different items, and I will try again with writing the letters and sight words on a piece of paper.

Sight Word Building Blocks literacy center for kindergarten students

Sight Word Building Blocks!

We set out this new literacy center for students to explore this week. They used the sight word blocks to build on the work mat, then they recorded the words that they used. I love using this to reinforce sight word recognition and writing.

Sight word building blocks literacy center for kindergarten

Our students loved this center, and they are getting really good at writing and recognizing all their sight words. If you would like this for your classroom, you can get it on its own or in a bundle:

Square Preview     Sight Word Building Blocks Square preview

Class book writing prompt for the book The Mitten

‘The Mitten’ Class Book

We made our own class book after reading the book The Mitten. Our class loved to draw their own animals in the mitten, and then to write why they think the animal decided to go in it. My favourite has to be, “A snake went in the mitten because he was going to chill out”. If you would like to make your own book with this prompt, you can download it for free here:


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