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Take a Look Back with me #24- Snowflake sight words, hot chocolate sensory bin, peppermint play dough, and more!

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I will be going back to work on Monday after a long and relaxing break. I am excited to hear what our students got up to with their families, and we have lots of exciting centers and activities planned for when they get back. Here is a look back at a few centers we had before we left for the break.

Snowflake Sight Words Literacy Center for Kindergarten Students

Snowflake Sight Words

We used some letter loose parts to work on our sight words this past week. We had wood slice letters (you can see how I made them here), wood letters (from the dollar store) and rock letters (also here) that students could use to build sight words on top of these foam snowflakes (from Michaels). I also added the snowflakes from my Snowflake Sight Word Pack to inspire them to make their own sight words!

Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin for kindergarten classroom

Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough

Our sensory bin this week smelt delicious and was so much fun to play in! I mixed flour, cocoa powder and vegetable oil to get the base. Then, I added marshmallows, cookie cutters, wooden spoons and mason jars for students to play with.

Hot chocolate sensory bin for kindergarten classroom

This was definitely a messy center this week, but our students had so much fun with it!

Candy cane play dough for kindergarten students

Candy Cane Play Dough

Our students loved playing at the play dough center this week! I added peppermint extract to the dough when I made it, and it smelled so good. They used the materials to make birthday cakes, snowmen, menorahs, and so much more. I love seeing how they can use the materials creatively.

Transient art provocation for kindergarten literacy center

 Transient Art Literacy Provocation

We set out different letters, loose parts and word cards to inspire our students to make images and words with the materials. I loved watching them come up with creative ways to use all the materials.

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