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3D Shapes Kindergarten Math Centers

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I am continuing to add to my Math Centers growing bundle. So far it includes: 2D Shapes, Measurement and Time, Symmetry, Addition, Subtraction, Number Sense, and Sorting. I have just added the 3D Shapes activities and it is perfect for working on shapes recognition and knowledge. So far it has 5 activities, with more to come!

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Spin and Build! has students use 3D shapes to build structures, and it includes a recording sheet that students can use to draw what they create. You can also have students make the 3D shape that they land on with different materials (toothpicks, clay, pipe cleaners, etc).

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Cover the 3D Shape! is a game board that has students move around the outside edge and cover the shape that they land on. It can be played in pairs or on their own. A great activity for identifying shapes.

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Sorting 2D/3D Shapes gives students the opportunity to differentiate between 2D and 3D shapes. There are 12 cards that students can sort using the sorting mat.

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Spin and Cover! comes with 2 different versions. The other version (also included) is called Spin and Color (or Colour) and has students spin and then find that 3D shapes and either cover it or color it in.

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Also included in this bundle is a write-the-room activity that has students find 3D Shapes in their classroom, school or outside. All of these activities were made for easy print and prep. They are all black and white, and need limited amounts of materials for easy set-up. Get it today on its own or in the bundle:

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